I have been to Okinawa only once.

I have been to Okinawa only once. Because it is only true, I would like to go even more. I was truly surprised by the beauty of the sea in Okinawa after all. I was really surprised when I snorkeled in the Kerama Islands on a tour of the hotel I stayed at. I do not really know how to describe it, but I feel more fantastic or mysterious than the world of coral reefs spreading in the blue sea, the beautiful flower garden seen on land. Besides that, Okinawa's what it says is the atmosphere. There is a relaxing atmosphere, there is no thing like sightseeing-like thing like business gut feeling. Therefore, it is cheap to eat at any shop, it is delicious. However, Okinawa is not only the atmosphere of these tropical countries, but also the places where the Pacific War scratches still exist, as it is represented by Himeyuri 's tower, it is also a place that makes you think variously. Ah, one thing that surprised me is that the beach beach is very beautiful but I was surprised honestly that this was a lot of ""sea cucumber"" when I went to the sea for a moment. Still, I definitely want to go to Okinawa again!

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