Overseas travel is nice, but I still like domestic.

Overseas travel is nice, but I still like domestic. In other words, I made a honeymoon to Okinawa. It was the second time to go to Okinawa, but the blue sky and the blue sea. Indeed, you can see a completely different view from Honshu. Somehow, it seems to be able to be released even if it is hot. Rather, it is as comfortable as hot. At that time, I went to Kujakushima, a small island floating in the south of Okinawa. My friend told me about an island located about 15 minutes by a small ferry, but the blue of the ocean there ... ... It was a pure blue sea that I never saw on the mainland of Okinawa, and I admired that this is the color of jewelry. The island was rented by bicycle, but it is not an island for sightseeing, so there is no shop but it is natural as it is. Just running through the island seemed to be a glimpse of real Okinawa and it was a lot of fun. In the evening we went out to eat Okinawa cuisine. Ooya cuisine such as sea grapes, rough tea and the like is really unique in goya champlle. But I love that little habit taste! Especially ocean grapes have ordered from the net after returning from their favorite as a big favorite Okinawa that they want to go whenever summer comes. I'd like to swim in the blue sea.

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